Thursday, February 25, 2010

26 week appointment

We had our 26 week appointment yesterday. We did the blood glucose and hemoglobin test and they were perfect! Also had a sonogram to make sure the girls were growing like they should be and that my fluid in Olivia's sac was not too much yet. With Anencephaly you run a high risk with polyhydramnosis. Which is too much fluid in the sac. The girls were beautiful! It is so neat to see them play with each other. I just wish Marco could have been there to see them. He was have loved it. At one point I turned to Bobbie the sonographer and said "doesn't it amaze you how perfect everything can be, her arms, legs, feet even her heart just beating away. And yet just that one thing wrong means life or death" She turned and said "I think about that every time I see you." She also gets upset when I do. I am blessed to have her doing my sonograms. It shows that she is human.

Anyways the girls are still Olivia head up and her bottom down and Harper was head down and bottom up. They have not changed positions in many weeks now. We could not get any good face shots because the girls were moving so much. I just love watching them with each other. I wish I could tape it and just watch it over and over again. It made me feel good to know that Olivia was moving around. and yet it does make me sad too because I know I am the one keeping her alive right now. And as soon as she leaves the wombs she will go on to God.

Olivia was measuring 10 days behind Harper. And Harper was measuring right to the day were she should be. Harper weighted 1 lb. 6 oz. and they could not get a weight on Olivia. It is normal for a child with Anencephaly to be smaller.

We go back in two weeks to check out the cervix to make sure all is good! I am hoping for mid May. That would be prefect but I know I really have not control over it.

Marco does not want a memorial so I think we will not have one. I think he just wants to move on as best as he can. And this is the only way he knows how to do so.

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