Monday, April 19, 2010

Labor & Delivery Monday April 12th 2010

When Marco got to the hospital that morning they were putting my epidural in. I guess the husbands cannot be in the room any more when they do this so they told Marco he needed to go outside and wait. It was kinda hard getting it done this time because they want to you to bend over as far as you can. Well that is pretty hard to do with two in there. But we got it done. It was wonderful because I could not feel the pain in my back anymore. I felt rested.

They got the epidural in and Marco came back in the room. And we were relaxing. They started the pitocin about 11:00am on the lowest stetting. And they said they would raise it every 30 minutes. Which was fine I could not feel anything anyways. They went in to break Harper's bag of water and put a monitor on her head but her water was already broke. It was a good thing they put it her head. At about 12:15pm her heart rate went up to the 180's and stayed for a minutes or so. And then went back down to normal. Then a few minutes later her heart rate dropped into the 60's which scared the crap out of us. It should never go under 110. At this point in time several nurses came running into the room. The only thing I could think was I was not prepared to loose both of my girls. It was hard enough knowing my time to say hello and goodbye were coming soon.

The nurses put oxygen on and me kept flipping me from side to side. It would go back up then down. I was pretty scared I knew something was wrong. Very wrong. Dr. Renfroe was in a c-section at this point in time. A few moments later she came in the room in her scrubs and face mask and said we are going to have to do a c-section.

I would be telling a lie if I said I was not afraid of a section. I was so scared and there was nothing I could do. Marco, my dad, and I all got on phones and started calling people to let them know. All the while the nurses are getting me ready to go back in the operating room. They give Marco his scrubs to wear. It was cute. We did not have to say anything to each other we could tell each other was very scared at this point in time.

They came and wheeled me back to the operating room. It was cold, very cold. There had to have been 30 people in that room easily. I looked off to my left and seen the different baby warmers labeled A and B. It was hard because I knew for sure B was not going to make. I was not even for sure if B was going to be still born or not. They put warm blankets on my arms because I was shaking. Partly because I was cold and partly because I was scared.

Marco came in the room and they had started the incision already. It was weird, you could feel it but it did not hurt. I could feel them pulling and pushing. Then I hear Dr. Renfroe say no wonder, Harper had her cord wrapped around her body like and x. She was born at 1:32pm crying which was great to hear. That sitting in the bed for 3 weeks had paid off. Then I hear them call the time 1:34pm. She did not cry at all. They took her over to her warmer and cleaned her up a little. Then wrapped her up and gave her to Marco. He brought her over to me and she just looked like she was sleeping. She would make a little squeak when she would breath. She sounded like a little puppy. She was so beautiful. She might not have been perfect to the world but she was perfect to us. She was our angel. She is and will be our last born. She is our baby. She stayed with us for 2 hours and 1 minute. She pasted away when we went to the NICU to get one last picture with her and her sister.

To be continued........

Saturday April 10th trough pre labor

Well it has been a while since I have got on here. So much has happened since then. The morning of Saturday April 10th I woke up about 20 minutes til 7:00am and was bleeding. So a few different nurses came in the room and started to "work" things like hook me up to the monitors, getting the girls heart rates on different monitors and on the TOCO which checks for contractions. Well less then 30 minutes on the monitors I was having several contractions. So Dr. Renfroe came in and said she was moving me over to L & D.

They moved me over to L & D pretty fast. got me on there monitors and all I could do was lay there very still. Which after 3 weeks on my behind was very hard to do. So a different nurse was coming in every 15 minutes because the girls would move around and they would need there heart rates all the time. This went on for all day Saturday and through the night. And Sunday morning came and Dr. Renfroe and told me that if I did not stop bleeding by Monday morning they were going to induce me.

So all day Sunday I still had nurses in and out all the time trying to keep the girls on the monitors. The bleeding did not stop and this went on through the night into Monday. By this time I was very, very tired. I had been in a hospital bed for over three weeks and my back and tail were killing me.

That morning Dr. Renfroe came in and told me today is the day for me to call Marco at work and let him know so he could be here. I called Marco and then started calling all the family. And told them not to be there before 1pm since they were inducing me it could take a long time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

32 weeks tomorrow!!!!

It is such a relief to make it to 32 weeks. Just three weeks ago we went into full blown labor. The just a little over a week later my water breaking. So this is a HUGE milestone for my girls. just 15 days until I am 34 weeks and they can induce me! I miss my kids and my butt hurts sitting here all day.

Well I leaked a lot of fluid last last night in the middle of the night. It seems to come and go that way. So they sent me to get a sonogram this morning. Harper is head down still with her face to my back and she is in position ready to go. She weighted 3 lbs. 13 oz. And her fluid was 5.2 cm. Olivia's weight is 3 lbs. 9 oz. and her fluid was 2.5 cm. If we go two weeks they should gain another pound.

This has been very trying the last few weeks. Evert day is a reminder that the end is not far away. I think a lot about what Marco is thinking. I wonder how he will do during the delivery. If he will be ok or not.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 19 days until we are 34 weeks!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!! And remember why we celebrate Easter in the first place.

Ok my last post was really long. I could not help it there was so much to say. I tried to shorten it out a bit but that was hard. So here I am this morning making another post. Well this is day number 4 that I will have been in here this time. For a total of 11 days that I have spent in here. Can you imagine the bill for this? Thank the good lord for Health Alliance. I hate to see what this bill will look like and that does not include the NICU either.

They came in at fivish this morning to flush my IV because it is not hooked up to any fluids and it hurt pretty bad this time. The IV was to come out today anyways for a new one. So she took it out and the resident said as long as I don't go into labor I can keep it out. Well when they took it out it was bent. No wonder my arm hurt. And then it took a good 10-15 minutes for it to stop bleeding.

Dr. Thomas Gross came in this morning. He cracks me up because he looks like a mad scientist. When I was pregnant with Maison he was my perinatologist and I always said he looked like the professor from Back To The Future except he is very calm. LOL He just has no emotion on his face. Well anyways he came in and asked the standard questions no bright blood, water still leaking, any pain in the tummy, or any odor? Still leaking, no new blood, no pain & no odor. He said he talked to Dr. Renfroe and sh told him we wished to deliver vaginally not by c-section and she was fine delivering one the right way and one breech. So he said he is fine with that as well. So really nothing new with him today.

OH let's not forget I have a stinkn head cold!!!! It is a pain in my butt or my head right now.

I talked to Kathleen last night on the phone. It was hard we both cried for a bit. It just sucks she hurts just as much as I do. It is just so hard knowing what I know. And how this happened. It just makes me mad and angry and frustrated and down right sad!!!!! Look up amniotic bands and you will understand why I feel the way I feel right now. Something so darn simple. Really!!!!!!!!! Anyways it was hard last night being alone. It is hard being alone anytime really. That is why I live on the computer right now.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

31 Weeks & 1 Day A Lot Has Happened in 2 Weeks!

Well I made it to 31 weeks. I went into full blown labor on Friday March 19th at work at about 1:01pm. I was 29 weeks that day. Nothing lead up to this. There was zero warning. Marco was at home with Ava and I had the truck that day. I remember turning to my boss and telling her this is not right I had a contraction that lasted 8 minutes. And only had a couple second break in between the next one. I was really afraid something was wrong with the girls because of the amount of pain. What was going through my head at that point in time was something was wrong with the girls. Deanna, my former boss called Marco and my dad just happen to be at my house and brought Marco & Ava to my work. I was in so much pain it was like someone reached in and grabbed my lungs and trying to push out my behind. They ended up calling an ambulance to take me to the hospital.

When they got me to Saint Joseph Hospital there was about 15 people in the room not including my husband and Ava. I have never been undressed so fast in my life! The took my clothes all in on swoop. They started to put me on the monitors to see how I was contraction and to measure the girls heart rates. The nurse could not find the heart beats on either girl. She did not say anything to us about it but we knew what she was doing. She then turned to one of the other nurses and said we need a doctor in here. I just about lost it!! What the heck! I know that I have to give up one baby but I cannot give up both are you kidding me. Then she found them. All this time I am contracting every 2 minutes. This whole time all that was going through my head was I was not ready to say goodbye to Olivia. I have 11 weeks with her still and it is not time yet. God has only given her to me for a short time and right now he cannot have her yet.

They gave me the fist shot of steroids in my butt. That was fun. And they gave me one med right away to stop labor that did not work. So they gave me good old magnesium via IV. Dr. Nord came in the room to tell me that I was going to be taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Peoria and the helicopter would be there soon to get me. I was pretty upset. I have three children who need me dearly along with a husband who needs me. Well we could hear the helicopter coming in so Ava said goodbye to me. She was crying and would not talk to anyone but me. She climbed up on the bed next to me and put her little head on my arm like she always does. Then we said our goodbyes. It was hard. Marco was going to meet me over there.

The labor and delivery nurse came from Saint Francis along with a flight nurse. They needed 20 minutes of both girls heart beats on the strip before we could get on the helicopter. It took 45 minutes of all that before we got what we needed. The cot they have you on for the ride over is only about 18-24 inches wide. You have to lay on your side and they buckle you in with about 6 belts. You don't move. It only took about 15 minutes to get to Saint Francis. I have to tell you I hate flying in planes, but the helicopter ride was GREAT! All I could think of was Marco would really like this.

It took about 12-18 hours to get the contractions to slow up from every 2-4 minutes. They had me on magnesium and something else. After 5 days at Saint Francis I got to go home. I was so happy and we surprised the kids too! I walked and Kyra was speechless! That was Wednesday March 24th.

two days later on Friday March 26th I woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom and I was loosing my mucus plug and I had bloody show. So I called Dr. Wellman's office and they told me to go to Saint Joseph to get checked out. Well the doctor on call sent me back to Saint Francis. I was able to go back home on Sunday March 28th. But Dr. Renfroe told me if I come back I will not get to leave again. She was right on Monday March 29th my water broke.

I was not sure if it was or not. I had and appointment on Wednesday March 31st with Dr. Wellman. Indeed my water had broke and I was heading back to Saint Francis for the last time.