Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday April 10th trough pre labor

Well it has been a while since I have got on here. So much has happened since then. The morning of Saturday April 10th I woke up about 20 minutes til 7:00am and was bleeding. So a few different nurses came in the room and started to "work" things like hook me up to the monitors, getting the girls heart rates on different monitors and on the TOCO which checks for contractions. Well less then 30 minutes on the monitors I was having several contractions. So Dr. Renfroe came in and said she was moving me over to L & D.

They moved me over to L & D pretty fast. got me on there monitors and all I could do was lay there very still. Which after 3 weeks on my behind was very hard to do. So a different nurse was coming in every 15 minutes because the girls would move around and they would need there heart rates all the time. This went on for all day Saturday and through the night. And Sunday morning came and Dr. Renfroe and told me that if I did not stop bleeding by Monday morning they were going to induce me.

So all day Sunday I still had nurses in and out all the time trying to keep the girls on the monitors. The bleeding did not stop and this went on through the night into Monday. By this time I was very, very tired. I had been in a hospital bed for over three weeks and my back and tail were killing me.

That morning Dr. Renfroe came in and told me today is the day for me to call Marco at work and let him know so he could be here. I called Marco and then started calling all the family. And told them not to be there before 1pm since they were inducing me it could take a long time.

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