Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How it all began.......The first 12 weeks

On September 21st 2009 we found out that we were going to have another baby. That day were were 10 days pregnant. A neighbor told me I was pregnant so I took a test just so I could tell her that I was not. Well I took the test and just by the look on Marco's face said it all. I did not need to look at the test.

The next day I started taking Folic Acid like I had with all my other pregnancies. This pregnancy was different from the others. I had cramping and spotting and I was sicker then a dog. Which I had never had the three times before. The doctor had me do blood work three times in six days. My first appointment Dr. Wellman asked me if twins ran in my family. I did not think anything about it since I was only about four weeks along. His office called me and wanted me to do a sonogram 12 days later. I was right around 6 weeks along.

On October 2nd Marco went to the doctor with me. He just happened to be off since it was a Friday. We went in for our first sonogram. We have been through many sonograms before after all this was our fourth pregnancy. With Marco sitting in the chair next to me the sonographer points to the screen and says there is baby number one and baby number two. I said "what"! And the look on Marco's face was priceless. We could not see the heartbeats yet because we were not far enough along. We were in shock and excited too. Twins! Who would have ever thought twins? We were due June 4th, 2010!!!

I went back two weeks later and we did see both heartbeats. We were happy both babies had heartbeats. I had worried about vanishing twin syndrome. I did not know how I would tell people one of the babies would not make it. all this time I still was spotting and cramping. The doctor had put me on progesterone for the first 12 weeks.

Everything was going very well I grew out of my clothes very fast. By nine weeks I was having a hard time fitting in my normal clothes. And so I moved on to maternity clothes.

On November 9th I went in for an appointment I was 11 weeks by then. Time was going by so fast. This appointment was great! Our babies look like little babies. You could see there arms,legs and there little heads. They were so beautiful. I was in love all over again. Everything was great. I had no complaints, I felt great for carrying twins. I had only gained 4 pounds and I was still working full time and able to take care of my house and kids at home. I was SUPER mom!

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