Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Appointment with specialist

On January 7th we were to go see the specialist. Hoping that he would say it was a mistake. I know wishful thinking. But hey why not? Our appointment was 40 miles away at 9:30am. Not a big deal. Well it was we had got 7 inches of snow and still snowing. And the wind was blowing 40mph. We saw all kinds of cars, trucks, and semis in the ditch on our way there. there were even state troopers who had been hit by other cars. We made it to our appointment with shear determination and Marco at the wheel. It only took an hour and a half. But we got there.

It was the longest sonogram of my life. I think it was two and half hours. Right away when they started the sonogram and started with baby A. And Marco yells out it's a girl! They did not even have to tell him he could see plan as day that she was a girl. It was pretty funny. At that moment I got worried. I was worried baby B was going to be the boy Marco wanted so badly. Baby A got a clean bill of health. Then they moved on to baby B. Did all the measurements that they needed. The sonographer had a hard time because both babies had there feet and arms in the middle of my belly together. Marco said it looked like rock'em sock'em robots. That is when we found out baby B was a girl too! Two more girls. The brings the total to four girls and one boy.

The doctor came in and talked to us about Baby B. Confirmed what our doctor said about her. We really not too upset. We had ten days for the news to soak in. And now we know what is going on so we needed to prepare. The doctor really made it seem like it was a lack of folic acid. Which I was shocked since I had been taking it since day one. The truth is they don't know what causes Anencephaly. Nor what prevents it!

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