Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From 12 weeks to 16 weeks

December 7th was our next appointment and also Maison's 12th birthday. We were hoping they were going to do another sonogram so we could find out what the babies were. they did not this time just a regular visit. Now that I look back it was a good thing they did not do a sonogram since Marco did not get to go to this appointment with me. Christmas was just around the corner and I was getting much bigger by this time. I really did not put on any weight anywhere but in my tummy.

Christmas was coming and just three days after that we were to get our gift for Christmas. We would get to find out what these babies were. Everyone had there guesses as to what they were but I knew deep down they were both girls. I was so excited I would be able to start buying matching clothes and all that fun stuff that goes with having twins.

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