Monday, February 15, 2010

Too many little things to remind me.......

Well we did have a great weekend this past weekend. We went out with friends for dinner for Marco's birthday and had a good time. We did not doing anything special for Valentine's day just spent the day with the kids and family. We got the girls Roses for Valentine's Day and got Maison a gift card so he could get a new movie that is coming out this week.

It seems more and more that little things remind me of what is to come. I HATE having to think about it at all. We watched a movie and Marco talked to Olivia and Harper telling them he could not wait to see them. All I could think is I can wait. If I could just keep them inside for ever I would not have to loose one of them. I would not have to give Olivia up. I try not to cry in front of Marco because I know how hard it is on him. I see a baby on t.v. and start thinking of the girls and how we will only have one of them. I hear a song and it makes me cry.

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