Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The day that changed our lives........

December 28th finally was here! I was 17 weeks and 3 days and Marco was off so he was going too! We would be able to see for sure what they babies were. We were so excited. It really is like a child on Christmas morning. I had not seen the babies since November and just could not stand it anymore.

They always start the scan with baby A. The way they decide on how to label them A & B is how they would come out if they are born vaginally. Baby A's head is the lowest down in my pelvic area and B's head is up by my heart. They lie next to each other straight up and down. We were going to do all the important measurements first and then go back and see what there sex was last. They did all of A's measurements and she was so beautiful moving and kicking around. We all just talked and laughed. Then the sonographer moved on to baby B taking her measurements. Then she got very quiet. From that moment on I knew something was wrong. I did not ask. Nor did Marco. She kept on measuring B's head. And just spent a lot of time looking at her head. She said she was going to get Dr. Wellman. While out Marco and I did not say anything.

Dr. Wellman came into the room and I could tell something was really wrong. This is when he told us baby B's head did not close properly. And that from her eyebrows up was not there. She had what is called anencepahly. And would not live long past birth if she makes it through birth. That the stress of birth could kill her. I could not do anything but cry. Cry like I have never cried. And there was nothing anyone could say or do to take that pain away. We would need to go to a specialist in 10 days. I left the office right away. I did not ask for my sonogram pictures and did not care what sex the babies were at that point.

We had to tell our family friends and hardest of all our children. The phone kept ringing because everyone wanted to know what the babies were. We had to tell them news. It was hard. And I know they all hurt very bad too. That night I did not sleep at all. It was like someone just took my heart. The next few days were a blur. But we got through it. We had each other. This truly is a test of our marriage and how strong it is. We just prayed that God would see us through it. God needed our baby for something much bigger then we could imagine. We needed to keep it together we have three kids that need us.

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  1. Daphne, I can't even imagine what you are going through right now. But I do want to tell you I love you. And all of the things you are writing about your baby girls is a wonderful thing to give Harper when she is grown. She will read this and will feel the presence of her precious little sister. You are a wonderful Mother. God bless you and watch over and take care of you and your precious family.