Tuesday, March 16, 2010

28 weeks 4 days

I really feeling my body was made to carry twins. A dear friend of mine has been put in the hospital at 32 weeks now and she is also due with twins. She has had many contractions and has been on bed rest since 18 weeks. I pray for her two beautiful babies she is carrying and that God will keep his hands on her and them.

I have been doing pretty good so far not many contractions at all. My weight gain is now at only 12 pounds which I think is wonderful since everything I have read has said with twins people gain 60 pounds. Really if I did not have the belly you would not know I was pregnant. My feet don't really hurt too bad from standing on them all day. Some days are better then others though. Nothing a little TLC cannot fix when I get home from work.

I went to the doctor last week and he said everything was good. He did send me over to OSF for an NST because I did have a few contractions but that was only for about 24 hours that I had those and then when they put me on the monitor they could not get them to register. They had a hard time getting Olivia to stay still so they could track her heartbeat. But no problems out of Harper.

With only 11 and a half weeks left until our due date I think more and more about how I will have to say good bye to Olivia. And that just kills me. I really try not to think about it much because it is so hard. I really feel like it is all just a bad dream and it will all be fine when they are born. I know wishful thinking. My mother and I fight a lot about it because she thinks I don't have faith in God. I have faith in God. If it was not for God I would have gone crazy by now.

We are having maternity photos done on April 1st. The photographer is wonderful. Her name is Jackie at Studio J Photography. She has beautiful work. She will also come to the hospital when the girls are born. I am so blessed to have her doing our photos.

My last day of work is April 9th. I will so miss work really. I know everyone wants me to leave but I just enjoy it so much and my customers are GREAT! I had a little old lady in today she got so excited when I told her I was having two girls. She told me to be careful so nothing would happen to either of them. Little does she know.

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  1. I had not seen this post from last week. I hope your body has slowed down this week and you can rest with your family soon! I keep you and your family in my prayers!