Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wow Almost 6 months!

We are only 5 days away from the 6 month mark. It has been a CRAZY ride so far. It seems to be harder now then it was right after the girls were born. I guess seeing all the milestones that Harper is going through right now reminds me that I could have had two beautiful little babies with me right now. I think about Olivia many times a day. How I could just hold her one more time. Just to kiss her one more time. That is all I want. The farther away we get the more I feel like she was not even real. Was this a bad dream. We in the heck will I wake up already. I think about there birthday and how that day will go. I will I feel that day. It is supposed to be a happy day. I think about how my dear husbands heart is broken but at the same time he is overjoyed by Harper. Don't get me wrong we love Harper more than you could know but we miss our baby girl. I wonder all the time why did God want it to be this way? If you ever find out the answer for me please let me know. On to a lighter note....Miss Harper is growing so very fast!

Harper now weighs 15lbs. even and is 25 inches long. She has caught up to what a normal 6 month old should be. She is rolling over and laughing. She puts her paci in and out of her mouth now. She is now eating veggies and gets fruit in her cereal in the morning. She has almost developmentally caught up as well. Which is a WONDERFUL thing since they say it normally takes til about 9 months to get caught up to there age.


  1. Thinking of you and your Olivia! So happy Harper is growing and thriving!

  2. Daphne - we love you very much! There's a lot that cannot make sense, but know that you are deeply loved by a heavenly Father and a wonderful church family. You are often in my thoughts and prayers.

    Pastor Ken and your New Life Family